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Rebel with a Cause: Jen Moondancer

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Jen Moondancer is a 32 years old, army veteran who’s passion in life is her spiritual path. Witchcraft has fueled every part of her being since she was a child. Jen is a spiritual guide and is working towards creating a Goddess Temple in Portland, Oregon. She is massage therapist, esthetician, and cosmetology student and through her life’s journey, she has been able to express herself through various modes of art and expression, such as being a professional model, dancer, and actress.

She is an incredible woman, witch, goddess and friend. We have known Jen since Ladies of Paradise began doing events. Since then our relationship has flourished and she has hosted multiple New Moon and Full Moon ceremonies, done Tarot readings at Lady Jays events and has even taken us on beautiful guided meditations. Yes, this woman is as much of a Goddess as she sounds and why she is this week's Rebel with a Cause.

What makes you feel the most authentically you?

Being able to speak my mind and my passion for witchcraft. To live without a voice for me, is to be in a cage.

What does being authentic mean to you?

To be who you truly are without letting the pressure of others and society change you

What are you proud to support?

So many things. But, my major priorities is women’s rights and witchcraft. They both go hand in hand. And, environmentalism. If we do not take care of our earth, we are fools.

What are you proud to rebel against?

The patriarchy. This is a time for women. Let us rise up and heal what the patriarchy has destroyed for far too long.

What is your favorite quirk about yourself?

My weird sense of humor. I love to make people laugh and make weird faces. It will either make you think I’m crazy, or crazy funny.

Why is it important for women to support other women?

We are a sisterhood. Through the support of each other we can thrive and take down the patriarchy.

What does the Lady Jays lifestyle mean to you?

To allow cannabis to enhance my confidence and femininity.

If it wasn’t for Lady Jays CBD pre-rolls, I would be in constant pain daily. - Jen Moondancer

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