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Rebel With A Cause: Madison Margolin

Meet this weeks Rebel with a Cause, Madison Margolin a journalist specializing in cannabis and psychedelics for Playboy, VICE, The Rolling Stone and other kickass publications. And as if that wasn't badass enough, Madison is also the Co-Founder of Double Blind, a biannual print magazine and media company covering timely, untold stories about the expansion of psychedelics around the globe.

Super rad right? We met Madison in LA when we did our Moroccan Nights event hosted at Gingerly Witty's beautiful house. Little did we know how much we would have in common with Madison and how much we would grow to love her and this mission she is on. Helping normalize cannabis and psychedelics, Madison has an amazing voice that she uses for the power of healing, and we love that!

What makes you feel authentically you?

I like to say that journalism is my way of making my life my living. And what I mean by that is, I've used this platform to explore the ideas, places, and personalities that I'm genuinely interested in anyway. My writing is an expression of my personal interests and is my way of processing how I learn about them. I've always been interested in the intersection of spirituality (specifically Judaism and Hinduism) and drug culture (specifically cannabis and psychedelics). That is what my current specialty is as a journalist, but it's hardly a surprising route to take, as I've grown up in this niche, having been raised by Jewish hippies, and have spent my entire life in it, both reaching for the depths of experience and trying to better understand it from an academic perspective.

What does being authentic mean to you?

Being authentic means being raw. Allowing your depths to come to the surface, and not being afraid to speak them as truth. It means persevering through shyness or fears of what people might think, in order to just say what you want and what you mean, without trying to accommodate what people want to hear.

What are you proud to support?

I'm proud to support small family farmers, and a more equitable approach to the cannabis and mushroom industries.

What are you proud to rebel against?

I'm proud to rebel against corporate weed and a sterilized drug culture.

What's your favorite quirk about yourself?

I have an inner Larry David in me.

Why is it important for women to support other women?

Because only women know what other women need — and so we need to band together and empathize with our shared experiences, be there for each other in ways that men can't, and lift each other up from a shared basis of understanding.

What does Lady Jays lifestyle mean to you?

Lady Jays allows me to feel like I'm smoking like a lady (I also have a soft spot for flower). Recognizing and uplifting the feminine element of the cannabis plant and cannabis culture has allowed me to reshape my experience of cannabis, as I integrate it socializing, sex, wellness, and most importantly my relationship to myself—as a lady.

To read some of Madison's work or to learn more about Double Blind and psychedelics check out their work!

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