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We are Ladies of Paradise, a Portland based creative agency and brand house specializing in the cannabis and CBG industry. We’d like to introduce you to our first CBG product available nationwide, Lady Jays, hemp pre-rolled joints available in half gram packs of ten or full gram singles, and jarred flower.


As many people know, the best hemp in the world is grown in the great state of Oregon, and we are proud to have partnered with Marshall Farming for flower and production. 


We’ve attached our Lady Jays sales sheets  for our product options. Please let me know if you are interested in carrying Lady Jays  in your store.


For more information on Ladies of Paradise,  check out our recent press features.


Thank you!


Q: Is it legal?

Is this legal? 

Absolutely legal thanks to the Farm Bill which passed, legalizing hemp with a THC % less than 3%. 

Q: What is cbd?

CBD is only one of 120 compounds called “cannabinoids” found in cannabis. Like its famous cousin, Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD offers numerous health benefits—but it does not induce a high. As such, people are turning to CBD products to alleviate symptoms from physical ailments like pain and inflammation as well as mental ones like anxiety and depression.

Q: Is it organic?

While cannabis cannot be certified organic YET, the growing practices do follow organic standards. We look forward to Oregon Tilth’s organic hemp certification.

Q: Do you test? What are the results?

We believe in full transparency and want you to feel confident that this is a legally tested product that is safe for you to consume.

View test results here.

Q: Will I fail a drug test?

It depends on you, your body, and the drug test. Our hemp is lower than the legal limit of THC, but there are still trace amounts. 

Q: What is the difference between ODA and olcc hemp?

OLCC hemp has to be tracked seed to sale through Metrc. It requires a significant amount of compliance procedures for production through sale and has to come from and stay within OR. It is not required to be >.3% THC.


ODA hemp currently has limited compliance tracking and does not have to be Metrc’d. It is required to be >.3% THC, but can be sold internationally.

Is hemp the same as cannabis?

They are the same plant, but they are different species. Think of them as cousins. Cannabis is generally high in THC and Hemp is generally high in CBD. As this industry and science recover from the drug war, we will come to have a much greater understanding of the nuances behind the hemp/cannabis plant.


Q: How will it make me feel?

Everybody is different and while there are infinite variables the feedback we get from users ranges from chill, painless, sleepy, not anxious, motivated, happy, reinvigorated and everywhere in between. We believe there is a lot to be said an intention behind the use and if you consume hoping for an experience, you will likely have that experience!

Q: Where is your CBD hemp flower grown?

The flower is sungrown from the beautiful TKO farm, in the best place in the world for cannabis genetics - Southern Oregon. TKO is owned and operated by the even more incredible Allie Beckett.

How to Make a sale


Email the “Outreach Template” as the body of the email with a sales sheet attached to cold and warm leads.




Take your sample to a shop with the sales sheet.


Ask to connect with their buyer and tell them about Lady Jays!


Don't be afraid to hear "no", but try to understand why they are saying no.


Place your order by emailing and


Make sure to include:

A. The buyer's full name

B. The buyer's email

C. The store's mailing and billing address

D. The store or buyer's phone number


We will follow up with an invoice to the buyer and cc you.


Once they have paid their invoice, we will send a tracking number for their order. If you want to expedite this process, you can receive the payment and when we receive their payment from you, we will send out a  tracking number.

Why lady Jays

Who is LOP and why Lady Jays ?

Ladies of Paradise is a creative agency and brand house specializing in the cannabis industry. We are a women-run team who creates and markets our products with women in mind. 


Lady Jays packs were created for convenience using premium hemp flower from Oregon, and rolled in a natural hemp paper. Self-care is important to us, and our Lady Jays are the perfect remedy to relax and exhale the chaos.

Target AccounTs

These are an incredible alternative to vaping and cigarettes, so anywhere those items could be sold. 


- CBD stores 

- Head Shops 

- CBD Distributors 

- Gas Stations

- Convenience Stores 

- Strip Clubs 

- Bars 

Currently these cannot be sold to cannabis dispensaries as Lady Jays THC are exclusively distributed through Pharmers Market.


However, many dispensaries are opening CBD stores or are designating portions of their stores for ODA Hemp.

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